Meet Linda Rooney

Linda Rooney

Linda: Founder + CEO

Linda first started in the marketing world with a company that sold 3D printers and 3D CAD software. She became a SolidWorks Certified Marketing Professional as well as a Stratasys Marketing Professional. Later she worked for private schools to help them set up their advancement departments through implementation of basic marketing principles and software. The results within schools were amazing! Small incremental changes using proven inbound marketing principals like social media, email marketing, website development and analytics led to huge increases in engagement from parents, prospects and school donors. Knowing that small businesses, nonprofits and municipalities often don’t have the time or resources to commit to an inbound marketing plan, Linda decided to start DandeLions Digital as a way to help organizations increase their engagement with their key audiences.

Other than working  – Linda can be found in the beautiful small town of Media, PA – just outside Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband, Mike and their dog, Guinness – the unofficial town mayor.