Jodi McGee

Jodi is a creative, collaborative critical-thinker who helps marketing executives & senior leaders unravel their challenges. She loves to analyze and assess problems, and help teams and organizations find a path forward.

Her background in marketing, communications and leadership provides the foundation for her strategic counsel.  She works with driven leaders who are eager to make a deep impact and value working from an informed plan.

Jodi assists DandeLions Digital as a lead content creator and also runs her own consulting company, Jodi McGee Consulting. She brings fifteen years of experience advising business leaders on strategies for marketing, stakeholder engagement and a wide range of communications situations. Jodi has built a strong reputation for seamlessly managing complex projects on behalf of world-class clients like Target, Chevron, Burton Snowboards and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has a knack for taking the messy and the complex and bringing strategy and process to it to create sustainable business planning, all while managing to be the calm in any storm.

Jodi graduated from Georgetown University where she earned a degree in business administration, and also studied abroad at the Universidad de Autonoma in Madrid, Spain. She lives in outside of Philadelphia with her husband, four children, and growing collection of pets. Every spring her already-crazy lifestyle gets a little bit crazier when she produces the school musical which involves more than 100 kids and an army of volunteers.  Jodi enjoys hiking, reading, trivia nights and travel.