National Ballet Competition

National Ballet Competition

National Ballet Competition (NBC) invites student dancers to compete onstage amongst elite dancers from around the world. The competition provides them the opportunity to meet and network with dance professionals and to gain access to scholarships from world-renowned ballet schools including Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Ballet West, and Pennsylvania Ballet. NBC provides students with a productive learning and performance experience as well as a chance to participate in a socially beneficial activity in support of the arts community of Wilmington, Delaware.

The Challenge

Registration software is a critical component of many competitions and National Ballet Competition is no exception. To launch its inaugural event, NBC required software that provided a seamless registration process with the ability to store detailed information about each competitor. Their budget was small. Additionally, NBC needed efficient software for digital communications, including their monthly email communication. 

Recognizing this need and not knowing where to start, the team contacted Dandelions Digital to help them research and find software to fit their needs. 

The Solution

Dandelions Digital scouted several registration software options and found the best software for the National Ballet Competition’s needs and budget titled EventSquid. After contacting EventSquid, DD initiated a tutorial for National Ballet Competition and tailored the registration process for both competitors and sponsors. 

Dandelions Digital also introduced National Ballet Competition to MailChimp for their monthly emails. DD provided NBC with instruction and suggestions for best practices and use of the software for monthly emails.

The Outcome

Dandelions Digital was on pointe. Since the implementation of Dandelions Digital’s digital communications and registration software strategies, National Ballet Competition has experienced great success. Based on feedback from their first year, National Ballet Competition noted a fluid registration process that included the detailed organization they needed. Also, through monthly emails, NBC was able to recruit competitors from ballet studios across the globe including Michigan, California, and Italy. 

What National Ballet Competition is Saying

“With the help of Dandelions Digital, we have helped create the base of the National Ballet Competition through their software research, ideas, and tutorials.” National Ballet Competition Media Director, Angela Zielen 

“The registration software was so easy to use and it made the process seamless.” Parent of competitor